Genuinely Handmade

I consider myself a jack of all trades. I make everything I sell in my shop. Soaps, Jewelry, Art, Photography, Crochet... if it's in my shop, you can feel confident that it was truly made by hand or in the case of photography... taken with my own camera. 

Cruelty Free

Dustbunnys is a cruelty free company. This also means towards YOU. My products are built to be gentle and get the job done without all of the chemical "cleansers" found in normal bar soap and other cosmetics. All animal products such as beeswax and silk are humanely harvested. In any product where palm oil is an ingredient, it is sustainable palm oil but I still try to avoid it if possible. 

Staying Small

Dustbunnys is currently a one woman show. My future goals are to remain a small, family business. I'm not looking to grow and be found in grocery stores or drug stores. When you get too large, the need to mass produce becomes inevitable and that is not on my agenda. I love what I do and I want to continue being the one who does it.

DustbunnysBubbles LLC.
Please send all questions and inquiries to:

P.O. Box 1245, Exton PA, 19341



Return Policy

- Unused Product that you just plain decide you don't want, may be returned for a refund, less the original shipping cost, within 3 days of receiving the item. Please mail it back to me, packaged and unopened, and via the same method it was sent to you, with a tracking number. Your return shipping cost will be refunded to you along with your product refund as soon as the items are back in my possession. If the items are packed inappropriately and I receive them back damaged, then only a partial refund of 50% , less the original cost of shipping, will be issued. I take care when shipping them to you, please take care when shipping them back.

-Damaged Product may be returned for a full refund if you do not wish to still use it. Broken bath products are 99% of the time, still in usable condition. If the items were meant to be a gift, please contact me before returning so we may find a suitable solution. 

-Used Products that you decided you don't like after using it, are NOT returnable. This is for health and safety reasons. You may contact me with your concerns and a store credit for the cost of the item may be issued. 

-Jewelry may be returned but all inquiries are dealt with on a person to person basis. Returns are not accepted for breaks, damage from wear and tear, or over time damage that certain materials are prone too. All jewelry comes with cleaning instructions. Repairs are available at no charge for broken pieces depending on the damage. If I can fix it for you, I will!

International Customers
-Please use my Etsy shop for all purchases. Thank you!


I offer the best pricing I possibly can. For this reason, I do not offer my products for wholesale or for resale. If my label won't stay on it, do not even ask. 

Sales Tax

PA sales tax of 6% is collected on all sales to PA residents.